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Ballet / Video

A Christmas Carol: Towards the Premiere

5 min

Charles Dickens’s Christmas tale of virtue and justice has enchanted theatre-goers for 180 years. In the autumn season of 2023, A Christmas Carol was experienced for the first time as a ballet, thanks to the British choreographer David Bintley. The impactful visuals of the production recreate the industrialising Victorian city, showcasing the contrast between the upper middle classes’ Christmas finery and the wretched conditions of the urban poor.

The ballet was created by an all-British creative team, for whom the story has been part of their Christmas tradition since childhood. Choreographer David Bintley, the former Artistic Director of the Birmingham Royal Ballet, also created the Finnish National Ballet’s rendition of Cinderella a few years back. The new music for A Christmas Carol is by the London-born composer Sally Beamish. The dazzling costumes and sets are by Anna Fleischle.

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