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Terms of use

Terms of use for the digital services of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet


These Terms of Use apply when using the digital services of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet (subsequently referred to as the “Service Provider”), including but not limited to the Service Provider’s website and its content available for reading, viewing, and listening, electronic forms, online store, and applications (subsequently referred to as the “Services”). Users must take into account and adhere to the Terms of Use presented on this page when using the Services of the Service Provider. You can review the Data Protection Policy for the Services here. The Data Protection Policy must be accepted when a user creates a customer account for the Services. When making online purchases within the Services, the user must accept separate Sales and Delivery Terms and Conditions. The purposes for using cookies must be expressly accepted or rejected by the user.

By using the Services, the user agrees to and commits to comply with the Terms of Use that are in effect at any given time. Any use of the Services that violates these Terms of Use is prohibited.

Permitted use and intellectial property rights, including copyright

All material within the Services is the property of the Service Provider and is protected by intellectual property rights such as copyright. The intellectual property rights of the material, including copyrights, belong to the Service Provider, its partners, or other rights holders. The user may not store, copy, reproduce, publicly perform, sell, transfer, otherwise convey or forward, or otherwise utilise any material from the Services without the prior written permission of the Service Provider or the rights holders and the payment of any applicable compensation.

The logo associated with the Service Provider’s Services is a registered trademark. Any unauthorised use of this trademark is prohibited. 

Materials from the Services can only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes. Separate terms and conditions apply to the educational material within the Services and the Stage24 service.

The user is responsible for securing the necessary copyright permissions and making payments required for any other use of the materials within the Services. Additionally, the user is liable for any repercussions of unauthorised use and copyright infringements, including potential liability for compensation and damages, and/or criminal penalties.

Terms of Use for Educational Material

The educational materials designed for schools are intended for use in teaching via the internet, and images and videos from these materials must not be saved or downloaded to personal devices. Arrangements regarding the performance rights for music must be made with Teosto and Gramex. The video content within the Stage24 service is subject to its own terms of use, which are detailed in the section Terms of Use for the Stage24 Service (below).

Terms of Use for the Stage24 Service

The Service Provider’s Stage24 Service enables users to watch recorded performances, trailers, and other video content, read articles, and listen to introductory talks about productions. The Stage24 service regularly features live streamed content, such as live broadcasts from the Opera House. Viewing live broadcasts and recorded performances requires the user to log into their customer account for the Service Provider’s Services. Viewing some live broadcasts and recorded performances requires the purchase of viewing rights from the Service Provider’s online store. The user must accept the Privacy Statement in order to create a customer account.

The material within the Stage24 service is the property of the Service Provider or its partners and protected by copyright. The Service Provider has arranged with the rights holders for the distribution of this material on the Stage24 service. The copyright of the material belongs to the Service Provider, its partners, and other rights holders. Users are not permitted to store, copy, reproduce, publicly display, sell, transfer, otherwise distribute, forward, or otherwise utilise any material from the site without prior written permission from the Service Provider.

Materials from the Stage24 service may only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes. Access to the paid content is strictly personal and cannot be shared. Public showing of Stage24 service videos and live broadcasts, such as in schools and care institutions, requires prior permission obtained from the Service Provider. In licensing matters, please contact Digital Media and Event Producer Mikko Hannuksela at Permissions for public showing are conditional upon the broadcast being displayed unaltered and not including commercial material, such as advertisements. Recording broadcasts is not permitted, nor is charging for viewing them. Arrangements regarding the performance rights for music must be made with Teosto and Gramex, unless the organisation already has a music agreement in place. The abovementioned restrictions do not apply to the partial saving or printing of Stage24 service material on a computer for an individual’s own personal use.

The Stage24 service may contain material unsuitable for minors. Guardians should supervise the use of the Stage24 service by minors.

Viewing of some live broadcasts or videos may be geographically restricted for copyright reasons. Geographical restrictions are mentioned on the event page of the paid Stage24 content. Bypassing, deactivating, or altering these restrictions is prohibited. For more information on viewing restrictions, please see the user instructions for the Stage24 service.

The Stage24 service may contain video and audio embeds, as well as links to third-party websites and online services, such as the YLE Areena streaming service. The Service Provider is not responsible for these websites and services. The user must comply with the terms of use and privacy policies of these third-party websites and services. 

User instructions for YLE Areena (in Finnish and Swedish)
ARTE General Conditions of Use

Prohibited use

The users must not use the Services for illegal or improper purposes, such as:

Right to make changes

The Service Provider reserves the right to update and modify the Service’s Terms of Use, contents, and Services at any time. The Service Provider may also remove material within the Services, discontinue the Service, and restrict access to the Services without prior notice.

Limitation of liability

The Service Provider endeavours to ensure uninterrupted and smooth operation of the Services but does not guarantee constant availability or disruption-free functionality. The Service Provider is not liable for any service interruptions, delays, or errors caused by technical issues, maintenance, installation work, telecommunication disturbances, or for changes or loss of data resulting from such occurrences.

The Service Provider is responsible for ensuring that the content it produces for the Services complies with the law and strives to provide the highest quality content and digital services. However, the Service Provider does not guarantee the reliability of the Services in any aspect.

Users of the Services are, in all situations, responsible for their own computer and telecommunication equipment, including its use, condition, data security, backups, virus protection, and other similar issues.

The Services may contain links to internet sites maintained by third parties. Using these links will navigate the user away from the Service. The Service Provider is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability, or security of these external internet sites. The use of these third-party internet sites is subject to their own terms and conditions.


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