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The Finnish National Opera and Ballet accessibility statement

This accessibility statement covers the following services provided by the Finnish National Opera and Ballet Foundation: online services and, performance database and project website .

The accessibility statement was created / updated on 23 September 2020.

The accessibility of the service has been evaluated by Eficode Oy, a third-party expert organisation.

The degree of accessibility of the online services

Partly fulfils accessibility requirements

Non-accessible content

2. Disproportionate burden

The contrast between the text and the background colour is too weak on some of the pages. Additionally, the contrast between the colours of the seat map in the online store are too weak. The insufficient contrast is to do with the visual style chosen in the past, in which text placed over an image is a central element. Changing this would disrupt the entire visual style of the website, which is why it can be considered a disproportionate burden.

The contrast and visual style related issue will be considered and revamped as needed in the coming years, in tandem with revamping the online service in general. The customer can also buy tickets in the online store by using the best available seat function, which automatically selects the best available seats in the auditorium in the customer’s chosen price category. The tickets are also available by telephone, via email, or from the customer service point at the Opera House.

The website includes three instructional videos, which are not accessible, called (in Finnish): Näin vaihdat ostamasi liput verkkokaupassa; Näin ostat liput ja tarjoilut verkkokaupasta; Näin kirjaudut Oopperan ja Baletin verkkokauppaan. New versions of these videos will not be made. However, explanatory texts have been written for the icons features in the videos. This should improve accessibility and the ability to find important information via the navigation, even without watching the instructional videos. References to the icons and the logical structure of the navigation will be revamped, in tandem with changes to the online service in the years to come. Customers can also choose to buy tickets by telephone, via email, or by visiting the customer service point at the Opera House.

The ticket and the purchase confirmation do not fulfil the accessibility requirements on all counts. Their information is pulled directly from the ticket selling system, which does not fully support accessibility requirements. The aim has been, however, to make the tickets and the confirmation emails as clear as possible to help ensure essential information stands out. The Opera House also has an abundance of lobby staff to help customers find their seats. Additionally, instructions are available via the Finnish National Opera and Ballet telephone service and from the Opera House customer service point.

In autumn 2020, several issues will be fixed to improve accessibility, such as the text alternatives for images, using HTML heading levels, highlighting elements on focus programmatically, and further developing the search function.

Did you notice an accessibility shortcoming in our online services?

Please let us know, and we will do our best to fix the problem. You can contact us in the following ways:

Supervisory authority

If you notice accessibility shortcomings in our online services, please first address your concerns to us, the webmasters. We will get back to you within 14 days. If you are dissatisfied with our response, or you do not hear from us within two weeks, you can report the issue to the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland (AVI). For detailed information about filing reports and the subsequent process, please visit the website of the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland.

Contact details for the supervisory authority

Southern Finland Regional State Administrative Agency
Accessibility Supervision Unit
switchboard tel. +358 (0)295 016 000