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David Bintley – Sally Beamish

A Christmas Carol

2 h 15 min, Incl. 1 interval (30 min)
1.12.2023 – 30.12.2023
Main Stage
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The spirit of Christmas as a new ballet

The miserly and cold-hearted Ebenezer Scrooge has no interest in Christmas or other people. At night, however, the spirits of Christmas take him to visit the past, the present, and the future. Will Scrooge come to understand the meaning of Christmas?

Charles Dickens’s Christmas tale of virtue and justice has enchanted theatre-goers for 180 years. Now the story set in 19th century London is seen as an affecting ballet, which premieres at the Finnish National Ballet in the festive season of 2023. The impactful visuals of the production recreate the industrialising Victorian city, showcasing the contrast between the upper middle classes’ Christmas finery and the wretched conditions of the urban poor.


It’s the morning of Christmas Eve and Londoners are making preparations for the festive season. The miserly, cold-hearted Ebenezer Scrooge, however, doesn’t like the jolly bustling around him, and nor does he like Christmas. He shoos away the carol singers, and he refuses to join his nephew Fred’s family for Christmas. Scrooge’s ill treated clerk Bob Cratchit looks forward to celebrating Christmas.

The ghost of Scrooge’s deceased partner, the equally miserly Jacob Marley, wants to warn him about his terrible fate – he must carry around heavy shackles for eternity. That night Scrooge gets to meet three ghosts.

The Ghost of Christmas past takes Scrooge to his childhood, where the little boy dreams of literary heroes but must bend to the demands of his strict headmaster. The young Scrooge and Marley are appointed as trainees in Fezziwig’s shop and at the Christmas party Scrooge proposes to his first love, Belle. The men are successful in their career and take over the shop, but Belle notices Scrooge cares more for money than for love and leaves him.

The Ghost of Christmas Present leads Scrooge to see Christmas at the Cratchit household. Their little boy, Tiny Tim, is seriously ill, and Scrooge asks if Tim will live. Fred is enjoying a family Christmas full of happiness, and Scrooge is reminded of what might have been. In a darker part of London Scrooge sees two orphans, named as ‘Want’ and ‘Ignorance’.

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come shows how thieves ransack Scrooge’s home. The Cratchit family gathers around Tiny Tim’s small coffin to grieve for their lost son. At the cemetery Scrooge is also made to visit his own grave.

As Scrooge wakes up on Christmas morning, he realises that it’s not too late to join in the celebrations. The repentant Scrooge vows to amend his ways and to keep Christmas in his heart all year long.

The full synopsis can be found in the programme leaflet.

“Dickens’ story of the miserly, embittered Scrooge and his redemption through the ghostly visitations he receives over the course of one Christmas Eve, has an iconic status in the English speaking world. Almost two centuries after it was first published A Christmas Carol continues to proliferate not only in the printed form but in a multitude of theatrical and cinematic versions, it is in fact as much a part of Christmas as Christmas trees and Santa Claus.”

– David Bintley, choreograph

creative team

David Bintley
Sally Beamish
Paul Murphy
Anna Fleischle
Anna Fleischle
Lighting Design
Mark Henderson
Projection Design
Anna Fleischle


Antti Keinänen
Johan Pakkanen
Sergei Popov
Young Scrooge
Florian Modan
Young Scrooge
Jun Xia
Young Scrooge
Clark Eselgroth
Young Scrooge
Martin Nudo
Zhiyao Chen
The Spirit of Christmas Past
Hanako Matsune
The Spirit of Christmas Past
Miao Miao Liu
The Spirit of Christmas Past
Zhiyao Chen
The Spirit of Christmas Past
Min Young Kim
Bob Cratchit
Johan Pakkanen
Bob Cratchit
Frans Valkama
Bob Cratchit
Juntaro Coste
Bob Cratchit
Jonathan Rodrigues
Fred, Scrooge's nephew
Jun Xia
Fred, Scrooge's nephew
Thomas Brun
Fred, Scrooge's nephew
Luciano Ghidoli
Fred, Scrooge's nephew
Martin Nudo

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