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How to use the Stage24 service

At the Stage24 service of the Finnish Opera and Ballet, you can watch recorded performances, trailers, and other video content, read articles and listen to introductory talks about productions. Read the terms and conditions of the Stage24 service.

Watching certain live broadcasts and recorded performances at the Stage24 may require signing in to the customer account of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet. Your account details are the same as for the FNOB online store. If you don’t have an account for the online store yet, please create a new account. Once signed in, you can also save content to your favourites and continue watching or listening to Stage24 content from where you left off. Please note that recordings produced by partners such as Yle and ARTE don’t support the Continue watching -feature.

The majority of the live broadcasts and recordings of the Stage24 service is available to watch worldwide, but geographic restrictions apply to certain content for reasons of copyright. Content that isn’t available in your country can’t be streamed. You’ll find information about potential geographic restrictions on each event page.

Please ensure that the Stage24 service works on your device before purchasing any content.

A HDMI cable will do the trick if you have a computer and a television. Use the cable to connect the two and pick the correct HDMI port on your TV. You should now see the content of your computer screen on the TV.

The web browser on your smart tv or games console
If you own a smart TV or games console with a web browser, you can navigate directly to to launch the Stage24 service.

You can mirror your computer screen to your TV wirelessly, too. The Stage24 service currently supports Apple mirroring solutions.

If you have an Apple TV or an AirPlay compatible smart TV, you can mirror Stage24 content from your Apple mobile device or computer to your TV easily with Airplay.

Please ensure that both your devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.

YouTube and Vimeo embeds can only be played if you have accepted targeting cookies. To modify your cookie settings, go to cookie settings at the bottom of the page.

Check your internet speed
You need to have fast enough internet in order to watch live streamed and recorded content. We recommend a connection speed of at least 10 Mbps. You can check your connection speed easily online.

Restart your modem
Restarting your modem may be all you need to solve the problem. Turn the modem off for a moment and then try turning it on again.

Update your browser
Please ensure you have the latest version of your internet browser, or try using a different browser. We recommend using Google Chrome. You can install it for free here.

Check your cookie settings
YouTube and Vimeo embeds can only be played if you have accepted targeting cookies. To modify your cookie settings, go to cookie settings at the bottom of the page.

Close unnecessary tabs and apps
Having too many tabs and apps open may slow down your internet and your device’s processing speed.

Empty the cache of your browser
Emptying the cache and restarting the web browser can help solve a variety of connectivity problems. See instructions for emptying the cache here.