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Opera and ballet for schoolchildren and young people

Opera and ballet are much more than just main stage performances. We provide school-age children and young people a variety of opportunities to get to know our art. Dress rehearsals and the Art Testers campaign for young people offer experiences from the audience perspective, school operas are staged together with professionals, and art workshops get schoolchildren and young people moving.

Even though the primary aim of our activities for schools is to offer art experiences, they also help pupils learn to co-operate creatively. Teachers and supervisors, meanwhile, discover new ways of working and possibilities for multidisciplinary teaching within the curriculum.

These pages showcase the different ways schools can explore the worlds of opera and ballet at the FNOB. We would love for you to get involved!

So You Think You Can Muuv

Enrolment for the workshops in spring 2019 has started

So You Think You Can Muuv? workshops are designed for school grades 5 to 9.

Read more and enrol here.

Ballet energy for boys workshops are suitable for all boys who are currently in the first grade.

Read more and enrol here.

Our activities for schools

So You THink You Can Muuv

So You Think You Can Muuv?

Parrasvaloissa 2018

In the Limelight Presents

Concessions for schoolchildren

Don Quijote

Special priced tickets

The Finnish National Opera and Ballet offers groups of schoolchildren affordable tickets to opera and ballet performances at 30 € per pupil/student. This price also applies to one adult supervisor per each 10–15 schoolchildren. The price includes the service fee. Please quote the code ‘school group’ when booking. Tickets may be booked at the Finnish National Opera and Ballet group sales, tel. (09) 4030 2210. Limited seats are available for school groups.

School groups who purchase tickets to these performances may take a guided tour of the Opera House or attend an artist meeting at no extra charge. Further information: yleisotyo[at]

Classroom inspiration

Explore our virtual stage Stage24 and Offstage articles for classroom inspiration.

Documentary: Lumouksen rakentajat

(Crafting the Magic)

Lumouksen rakentajat

From a hockey player to a ballet dancer

Michal Krčmář’s story

Michal Krčmář
Opera house

Introducing Finnish National Opera and Ballet

More videos and articles

An art day for teachers

Taiteen teemapäivä opettajille

Discover multidisciplinary teaching

Our art day for teachers is a window into the worlds of opera and ballet. Workshops focused on different subjects provide a deep dive into the evening’s performance. The aim is to help teachers and supervisors discover new ways of working and possibilities for harmonising and multidisciplinary teaching. The art day culminates in watching the evening’s performance. The theme of the day varies by season.

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