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Total duration 45 min
no intermission
3 performances
26.11.2021 – 27.11.2021
Almi Hall
10-16 €
Performed in finnish

Will sanctity be sacrificed for money?

A businessman wants to build a drinks factory on the site of a source, which is considered sacred. All he needs is municipal funding. The contract is already signed and will remain valid as long as the work begins by a set deadline. The sensitive Sofia hears the voice of the source and gets her entire class on her side to prevent its destruction. Will they be successful? They only have 40 minutes, and the diggers are at the ready.

The Source is a school opera, in which the story progresses in real-time. The strikingly exciting tale poses some very current questions. Will we preserve the planet for future generations, or will we cause irreversible harm? The opera is also about how Sofia, considered an eccentric, finds a purpose in life.

The premiere of The Source took place in Almi Hall on 26 November 2021. The performance was a co-production by 5th and 6th-grade students from the music-specialised classes of the Ylästö school in Vantaa and seasoned professionals.


The local budget has been spent,
and bankruptcy awaits us.


Water is the solution!
The source brings you money.
When I build my drinks factory,
it’ll be a source of tax revenue.



Opera with professionals

School operas bring together the skills of experienced music and theatre professionals and young people’s fiery enthusiasm. The result is something truly special. Sari Kaasinen has composed an effective and very catchy score, which features both captivating mythical spells and beautiful, emotional arias. The opera also has its fair share of humour, primarily embodied in the slick, tango-singing businessman. The production is performed by three professional singers, a chorus of students, and a band composed of a Finnish electric zither and percussion instruments.

The making of The Source is made possible by a private donation.

What is a school opera?

A school opera is an opera specifically designed to be produced at schools, with pupils in grades 5 and 6 working together with professional musicians and singers. At the preparatory stage, a group of 40 to 60 pupils explore the music and cast of the opera under a teacher’s guidance and do drama exercises. The director and kantele player visit the school in advance to rehearse the music and make preparations for the staging.

The dress rehearsal is performed to the school on the day of the performance, and the actual performance in the evening is for families and friends. The classes involved in the project market and sell tickets for the performances themselves and can keep the proceeds.

The cost to the school for the project is a fee of EUR 700. This covers the teaching material, an advance visit to the school, the artistic team’s fees for the day of the performance and the costumes and sets used in the performance.

In spring 2022, the School Opera visits 20 Finnish schools.

Enrolment for schools

Enrolment for tour in spring 2023 has started. Fill out the online application form no later than 11 November.

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More information: Audience Outreach Producer Tuula Jukola-Nuorteva,

Creative Team

Sari Kaasinen
Juhani Koivisto
Riikka Oksanen
Taina Relander
Vesa Pohjolainen

Jyrki Könnömäki

Anna Nora
Ann-Mari Ohtamaa


Guest soloist
Katariina Heikkilä
Janne Savela

The Finnish National Opera and Ballet has produced operas with schoolchildren for more than 20 years. To date, the school operas have given nearly 40.000 children from more than 600 schools around Finland personal experience of making an opera.