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Total duration 5 h 25 min
2 intermissions (30 min)
Main Stage
35-139 €
Performed in German
Surtitles in Finnish, Swedish and English

RING returns in August 2022

As the development of the coronavirus situation was uncertain, the Finnish National Opera and Ballet decided to postpone performances of all the remaining productions in the RING cycle. The premiere of Die Walküre has now been scheduled for August 2022. The production of Siegfried has been postponed from May 2021. The timetable for the remaining productions is being considered at this time.

The timetable changes have resulted in conductor replacements. Hannu Lintu will take over the future RING productions, conducting all the three remaining operas: Die Walküre, Siegfried and Götterdämmerung.

A hero’s tale of mythical proportions


The third part of the epic saga

Siegfried, born from sibling love, feels no fear. He fights to win back the ring forged from the Rheingold, standing in the way of Wotan, the lord of the gods.

The mythical Siegfried is all-powerful: he forges an unbeatable sword, slays a dragon, understands birdsong, and wakes a sleeping beauty with a kiss.

Siegfried’s fairy-tale story is set in today’s restless mental landscape, where the value of humanity is measured in the size of steroid-pumped muscles. The opera, directed by Anna Kelo and conducted by Hannu Lintu, is set to become the highlight of autumn 2022.

Recommended for children over the age of 12.

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Anna Kelo

“Traditionally, the Ring is a story about love, revenge, power and greed. Behind this epic narrative, however, there are even greater themes: questions and answers about mythology, faith and consciousness.”



The new Finnish Ring

Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelungs), also called the Ring cycle, is an opera tetralogy composed by Richard Wagner. Ever since this extraordinary work saw its world premiere in Bayreuth in 1876, it’s been counted among the greatest artistic achievements of Western culture.

Der Ring des Nibelungen will be staged in a new production, conducted by Hannu Lintu and directed by Anna Kelo. Creative team also includes Mikki Kunttu, responsible for visual design from lighting to video and set design, as well as Costume Designer Erika Turunen.

Creative team

Richard Wagner
Anna Kelo
Sets, lighting design, video design
Mikki Kunttu
Erika Turunen


Siegfried has grown up with the dwarf Mime, unaware of who his real parents are. Mime is in possession of the shards of Siegmund’s sword Notung, by they can only be forged anew by “he who fears nothing”. Valiant Siegfried succeeds in recasting the sword and leaves with Mime to claim the gold of the giant Fafner, who has taken the shape of a dragon. Mime plans to poison Siegfried as soon as they recover the treasure.

Mime’s brother Alberich also desires his gold and the ring back. Wotan appears in disguise as the Wanderer at Fafner’s cave, where Alberich is keeping vigil. Wotan tells Alberich about Siegfried’s quest and the dwarf warns Fafner. As Siegfried waits by the cave for the dragon to appear, he listens to the birds. He attempts to answer their song and wakes Fafner. Siegfried kills Fafner with his sword Notung and, upon tasting the dragon’s blood, suddenly understands the birds’ song. The birds advise him to take the Ring and the magic helmet Tarnhelm, and reveal Mime’s true intentions. Siegfried kills Mime, after which the woodbirds lead him to a mountain rock, where a sleeping figure lies surrounded by fire.

The Wanderer Wotan tries to block his path, but Siegfried breaks Wontan’s spear with his sword. Siegfried enters the ring of fire, finds Brünnhilde, and his feelings are stirred. He awakens her with a kiss from her enchanted sleep. Brünnhilde and Siegfried declare their love for each other, enraptured.

You can read the full synopsis and other background information in the programme booklet.

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