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At the Finnish National Opera and Ballet during this season: Triple Bill: World Wide Dance / Heatscape: Soloist (Justin Peck – Fei Bo – Akram Khan)


Ballet Royale Institute of Maryland


Finnish National Ballet, 1st soloist dancer 2015-, principal dancer 2022-
Czech National Ballet, soloist dancer 2011-2015
Prague State Opera Ballet, soloist dancer 2008-2011
Donetsk National Ballet, soloist dancer 2006-2007

On stage

Sat 3.12.2022
at 14:00
only few left
Sat 3.12.2022 cast
Thu 8.12.2022
at 19:00
sold out
Thu 8.12.2022 cast
Wed 14.12.2022
at 19:00
sold out
Wed 14.12.2022 cast