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Artistic Director of the Finnish National Opera

Lilli Paasikivi

Assistant to Artistic Director of the Opera Maria Westö,
tel. (09) 4030 2248

Auditions for Finnish National Opera Chorus and Orchestra

Singers performing in FNO

Every year, dozens of Finnish and foreign singers perform at the Finnish National Opera. Some are employees on a monthly salary, while others are engaged separately for a specific production. Currently, the FNO employs 53 tenured opera singers, who perform either as soloists or in a mixture of soloist and choir roles depending on the season and production. In addition to this, dozens of visiting soloists are appointed for every production in each season. Information about soloists’ past performances can be found in our Encore performance database.

The Opera Singers of the FNO


The Chorus of the FNO

The majority of the Finnish National Opera’s tenured opera singers are part of the Chorus of the FNO, which is the only full-time professional choir in Finland. It has been an organised professional choir since 1945. The size and composition of the choir varies in each production. For productions requiring a larger chorus, additional singers from the FNO’s extra chorus join the ensemble. The FNO also has a children’s choir of approximately 50 singers. The chorus masters of the FNO are Marge Mehilane and Tatu Erkkilä.

The Guest Soloists of the FNO

Guest bassbaritones

Young Singers’ Programme

Apply for the programme by 30 September

The Finnish National Opera is starting a programme to enhance young singers’ professional development. The founding partner of the programme is The Louise and Göran Ehrnrooth Foundation. The first singers for the programme will be selected for the 2023–2024 season in upcoming auditions. The programme is for opera singers at the start of their professional career. We expect applicants to have completed several years of professional level singing studies as well as to have experience in performing. Applicants must be at least 18 years old.