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The RED BOOK of Large-Format Prints

About the book

This book covers the manufacturing and finishing of large-format prints for performance-technical use and, in the case section, the performance-technical use as such and the supply channels relating to the prints. The owner and the publisher of the book is The Finnish National Opera and Ballet. The purpose of this book is to develop an information package for the performance-technical industry about large-format prints and to deal more extensively with the manufacturing and finishing techniques.

By performance-technical use, is meant the use of prints e.g. in the following:

In the theory section of the book, the equipment and methods of digital large-format prints and colour control, material instructions for visualizers, copyright issues of the material, the safety of the prints and sustainable development, amongst other things, are discussed.

Using existing large-format prints, the case section deals with different types of large-format prints, the set solutions relating to them and the finishing touches of large-format prints to match performance-technical use.

In the supply channel section, the most significant suppliers of large-format print industry in some European countries, at the moment of writing this, and the finishing material suppliers are discussed. In this section, also the pricing of large print products in Finland has been discussed.

This book delivers the owner’s commission to develop an information package about large-format prints for parties operating in performance-technical industry. This means that the book and its sources may be used to facilitate the planning and implementing large-format prints for different kinds of performance areas.

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