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Wanderlust – The Sun of Italy

22 min 16.4.2021 72 views

Wanderlust – The chamber music festival of the Orchestra of the Finnish National Opera from 12 to 17 April 2021

Giuseppe Verdi (1813–1901): Overture from the Opera Nabucco (1842)
(Original arrangement for Brass Septet; unkown arranger)
rearranged by A. Hartikainen, based on archive materials

Touko Lundell, E-flat cornet
Xiang Guo and Scott Natzke, B-flat cornet
Hannu Kilpi and Jaakko Välimäki, Wagner tuba
Francisco Couto, bass trombone
Simo Finni, tuba
Antti Hartikainen, conductor

Antonio Vivaldi: Sonata for two violins RV 68 (ca. 1705)
Allegro moderato

Andrus Haav and Ruth Haav, violin

Francesco Paolo Tosti (1846–1916)
Sogno (1886)
‘A Vucchella (1907)
La Serenata (1888)

Francisco Couto, trombone
Stefania Saglietti Couto, harp

Wanderlust. Another equally apt name for the chamber music festival could be Longing. Or Desire. The musicians of the Orchestra of the Finnish National Opera have been toying with creating their own festival for a long time. Now, as the coronavirus pandemic has entered its second spring, the idea has come to fruition as a digital chamber music festival. In its six concerts, around 40 orchestra members will play in a total of 13 different ensembles. The approximately 30-minute concerts are musical journeys from Central European cities to Eastern European landscapes and back. The festival has been conceived and planned by the musicians of our orchestra. We’d love you to join our travels!

Orchestra of the Finnish National Opera

#stage24 @oopperabaletti

Available worldwide until 12 October 2021.

Photo: Mikko Hannuksela