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Spring Fest: Sonata pian’e forte

5 min 25.5.2021 72 views

GabrieliSonata pian’e forte

Our upcoming chief conductor Hannu Lintu was able to to play with the brass ensemble of the orchestra. The four brass groups of  abrieli’s Sonata pian’e forte will create a cathedral-like ambiance at the Juha-lobby. 

Brass ensemble of the Finnish National Opera orchestra:
Touko Lundell and Scott Natzke,  trumpet
Esko Savioja and Xiang Guo,  flugelhorn
Tommi Viertonen, Jose Luis Cortell Año, Tuomo Eerikäinen, Hannu Kilpi, Jaakko Välimäki, Terhikki Tapani and Hannes Kaukoranta, horn
Vittorio Brunod, Olav Severeide Francisco Couto and Niklas Larsson, trombone
Simo Finni,  tuba

Hannu Lintu, conductor

RECORDING Erno Hulkkonen, EDITING Juha-Matti Vuo

Finnish National Opera orchestra

We are celebrating upcoming season by digital Spring Fest of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet from 17 May to 4 June 2021. During the Spring Fest we’re adding a new video to our Stage24 virtual stage every weekday, filled with music, singing, dance, humour, romance, and virtuosity… all the myriad enchantments of the arts! We hope you can join us.