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Dance It Out!

29.4.2020 261 views

“Happy International Dance Day! We hope you all are healthy and well. We miss you! When the COVID-19 closed our stage at the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, we stopped performing but we didn’t stop dancing. Jamming at home and on the empty streets of Helsinki felt good. It also helped us to deal with the sorrow and the pain caused by the cancelled shows, as well as with the worries about the whole situation around the world. Dancing is the key to freedom! We made this film to encourage you to do the same! Put your favourite music on and start moving and grooving!”

Dancers of the Finnish National Ballet

MUSIC Emma Salokoski
CONCEPT Mira Ollila, Ana Maria Lucaciu, Jouka Valkama

DANCERS Shae Berney, Stefania Cardaci-Krčmář, Carolina Cortesi, Sofia Gustafsson, Sari Ikonen, Elena Ilyina, Lucas Jerkander, Kailey Kaba, Antti Keinänen, Violetta Keller, Atte Kilpinen, Rebecca King, Anna Konkari, Michal Krčmář, Ira Lindahl, Ellen Mäkelä, Mira Ollila, Edita Raušerová, Anna Sariola, Charlotte Schauman-Mäki, Sari Stenholm, Maria Tamminen, Jouka Valkama, Jun Xia, Nicholas Ziegler

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