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Buy a season ticket to become one of the regulars at the Opera and Ballet. If you visit us more than once a year, you might be interested in a season ticket. Our season ticket customers always get to see every new production. A season ticket secures you a seat at performances of awaited new productions and includes a number of other substantial benefits. A season ticket is easy to use. The season ticket means less hassle, too, as it’s automatically renewed for every season. All we need from you is a confirmation each spring.

Season tickets 2019–2020 are sold out.

Premieres included in the 2019–2020 season ticket

The twelve benefits for regular customers

  • Best seats for opera and ballet premieres.
  • 20 % discount to all other ballet and opera performances (except for guest performances, special performances and group bookings). The discounts will be rounded to the nearest euro.
  • A free programme booklet on the night of the premiere performance.
  • Invitations to events exclusive to season ticket holders.
  • Special discounts and advance purchase opportunities.
  • Opportunity to exchange your tickets free of charge up to two days before the performance (exchange free of charge within the same price category. If exchanging for a more expensive ticket, you must pay the difference.).
  • Opportunity to exchange one premiere ticket of your choice for another production (exchange free of charge within the same price category. If exchanging for a more expensive ticket, you must pay the difference.).
  • 20% discount on selected seasonal products at the Opera Shop. The discounts will be rounded to the nearest euro.
  • One hour guided tour behind the scenes with your friends with 50% discount  (Enrol by telephone at 09 4030 2210).
  • Three season brochures mailed to you every year.
  • Latest news and updates in an email newsletter (in Finnish).
  • Your regular seat reserved for you for upcoming seasons.

Season ticket prices for the season 2019–2020

Choose the day of the week on which you wish to attend performances of new productions. Season tickets are available for the best seats in the stalls, 1st balcony and 2nd balcony. The tickets are on sale in our online store. 

Premiere Ticket

1st balcony  863 €

1st balcony and stalls 761 / 671 €

2nd balcony 583 / 471 €

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Ticket

1st balcony  794 €

1st balcony and stalls 697 / 617 €

2nd balcony 514 / 422 €

Friday and Saturday Ticket

1st balcony   814 €

1st balcony and stalls 723 / 645 €

2nd balcony 543 / 445 €

Purchase in advance to get a 20% discount (15% on the Premiere Ticket) on the price of your season ticket. Purchase before 15th June to get the discount. The discount will be rounded to the nearest euro.

With a valid student card, you get a 30% discount on the normal season ticket price. You cannot combine the advance purchase discount with the student discount, and the student discount does not apply to the Premiere Ticket. The discount will be rounded to the nearest euro.

As a season ticket holder, you are allowed to exchange your season ticket performance for another performance, subject to availability. You will not be charged a fee if you exchange your ticket for a seat in the same price range at another performance of the same production. However, you must agree on the exchange of tickets no later than 2 days before the performance date. Please note that tickets can no longer be exchanged one day before the performance or on the day of the performance.

Book your season ticket by phone or e-mail:
+358 9 4030 2210, liput[at]
Mon to Fri 09.00–16.00

Season tickets performances 2019–2020

Premiere Ticket
Das Rheingold Fri 30.8.2019
Triple Bill Fri 27.9.2019
Pippi Longstocking Fri 29.11.2019
Ariadne auf Naxos Fri 24.1.2020
Carmen (ballet) Fri 21.2.2020
Don Giovanni Fri 6.3.2020
Die Walküre Fri 15.5.2020

Tuesday Ticket
Das Rheingold Tue 3.9.2019
Triple Bill Tue 8.10.2019
Pippi Longstocking Tue 3.12.2019
Ariadne auf Naxos Tue 4.2.2020
Carmen (ballet) Tue 3.3.2020
Don Giovanni Tue 17.3.2020
Die Walküre Wed 20.5.2020

Wednesday Ticket
Das Rheingold Wed 18.9.2019
Triple Bill Wed 2.10.2019
Pippi Longstocking Wed 4.12.2019
Ariadne auf Naxos Wed 29.1.2020
Carmen (ballet) Wed 4.3.2020
Don Giovanni Wed 25.3.2020
Die Walküre Wed 27.5.2020

Thursday Ticket
Das Rheingold Tue 10.9.2019
Triple Bill Thu 10.10.2019
Pippi Longstocking Thu 5.12.2019
Ariadne auf Naxos Thu 6.2.2020
Carmen (ballet) Thu 27.2.2020
Don Giovanni Thu 19.3.2020
Die Walküre Wed 3.6.2020

Friday Ticket
Das Rheingold Fri 7.9.2019
Triple Bill Fri 4.10.2019
Pippi Longstocking Fri 13.12.2019
Ariadne auf Naxos Fri 31.1.2020
Carmen (ballet) Fri 28.2.2020
Don Giovanni Fri 13.3.2020
Die Walküre Sat 30.5.2020

Saturday Ticket
Das Rheingold Sat 14.9.2019
Triple Bill Sat 12.10.2019
Pippi Longstocking Sat 30.11.2019
Ariadne auf Naxos Sat 8.2.2020
Carmen (ballet) Sat 29.2.2020
Don Giovanni Sat 21.3.2020
Die Walküre Sat 23.5.2020