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W. A. Mozart

The Magic Flute

2 h 45 min, incl. 1 interval (30 min)
17.9.2022 – 26.4.2023
Main Stage
Price range
17-109 €
Finnish. Surtitles in finnish, swedish and english
Age recommendation
7+. Under-5s are not admitted to our Main Stage performances

A wonderfully wild version of the classic

Combining animation and live singers makes for a hugely enjoyable and widely acclaimed experience. In this celebrated production created at the Komische Opera in Berlin, The Magic Flute is recast as a fantastic tale from the golden era of silent cinema. The precisely timed collaboration of live action and moving images brings an endless variety of fantastic riches to the stage.

The familiary story of Tamino seeking Pamina and Papageno pining for Papagena and of the struggle between darkness and light is all there, as is Mozart’s wonderful music. The story is more captivating than ever, with the spoken dialogue being replaced with animation and text.

“The Finnish National Opera’s Magic Flute takes audiences on an amazing journey of fantasy. Its style combines 1920s two-dimensional silent films with 18th century copper engravings and contemporary cartoons.”


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Prince Tamino is chased by a giant snake and is rescued at the last moment by the three ladies of the Queen of the Night. When he wakes, he meets the carefree birdcatcher Papageno. Tamino and Papageno are given a mission by the Queen of the Night: they must rescue her daughter Pamina from the clutches of Sarastro. They are given a magic flute and magic bells to protect them. Papageno soon manages to save Pamina from Monostatos, but the two are captured. Fortunately Papageno’s magic bells render Monostatos and his soldiers harmless.

Tamino encounters the High Priest, and it begins to emerge that Sarastro is not the villain of the story after all. In order to join Sarastro’s brotherhood, Tamino must pass a series of ordeals. He is required to be silent, which Pamina interprets as rejection. In her despair she is about to take her own life, but the three boys step in. They reassure her that Tamino still loves her.

As the sun rises, the power of the Queen of the Night is dispelled. Papageno is reunited with Papagena and Tamino with Pamina.

The complete synopsis can be found in the programme leaflet.

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creative team

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Emanuel Schikaneder
Finnish translation
Juhani Koivisto
Jonas Rannila
Suzanne Andrade, Barrie Kosky
Concept design
Suzanne Andrade, Barrie Kosky, Paul Barritt
Visual design
Esther Bialas
Ulrich Lenz
Lighting design
Diego Leetz


Sanna Iljin
Tuomas Katajala
Jussi Myllys
The Queen of the Night
Krista Kujala
The Queen of the Night
Anu Komsi
The Queen of the Night
Iris Candelaria
Jyrki Korhonen
Jussi Merikanto
Aarne Pelkonen
Marika Hölttä
Saara Rauvala
Roland Liiv
Joonas Eloranta
First lady
Sonja Herranen
First lady
Heta Sammalisto
Second lady
Olivia Kyllönen
Second lady
Pihla Terttunen
Third lady
Jeni Packalen
Third lady
Ruut Mattila
First Armoured Man
Mika Pohjonen
First Armoured Man
Johannes Vatjus
Second Armoured Man
Koit Soasepp
Second Armoured Man
Juha Pikkarainen
1. Boy
Kris-Andrea Haav
1. Boy
Joona Eloranta
2. Boy
Mari Genevet
2. Boy
Silja Salminen
3. Boy
Alma van Treeck
3. Boy
Ilona Riskala

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