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Olli Kortekangas


1 H 50 min, incl. 1 interval (30 min)
22.11.2024 – 23.11.2024
Almi Hall
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40 €
Swedish. Surtitles in Finnish
Good to know
This is a guest performance, and the terms and conditions for guest performances apply.

A New Finnish Opera in Almi hall

Isfåglarna is the most recent opera composed by Olli Kortekangas. The libretto, written by Johan Bargum, is based on Ovidius’ Metamorphoses and its myth of the demigod Alkyone and king Keyx, their love and trials. The story brings together humans and gods, fairytales and everyday life, comedy and tragedy.

Ville Saukkonen’s stage direction creates a dreamlike set that is visually captivating, like a living art exhibition. The chamber ensemble of seven instrumentalists is led by a rising conductor talent, Henriikka Teerikangas.

This is a guest performance, and the terms and conditions for guest performances apply. You can learn more by reading our sales and delivery terms and conditions.


Alkyone is playing on the beach with her friends and tells them to stay away from the sea. She meets king Keyx, who hides his true identity. The two fall in love. Zeus, the high god, has also set his aim on Alkyone. Zeus and the other gods are jealous of the people’s happiness. Alkyone finds out that the love of her life is actually the king. She is about to reject Keyx, but eventually relents and the two are happily married.

Keyx hears that his brother has died in battle. Keyx decides to set sail and get revenge despite of Alkyone’s warnings. A storm breaks out, and Keyx is drowned. Alkyone pleads to Hera, who sends Morpheus to let Alkyone know of Keyx’s fate. Alkyone decides to follow Keyx and drowns herself. Zeus repents and turns both Alkyone and Keyx into kingfisher birds. Zeus commands that the sea must stay calm for one month each year so that the birds can nest.

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