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Alexander Raskatov – Ian Burton

Animal Farm

2 h 25 min, incl. interval (estimated duration, specified during the premiere week)
28.3.2025 – 6.5.2025
Main Stage
On sale date
Tickets will go on sale on 2 October at 12 p.m.
Price range
21–138 €
English. Surtitles in Finnish, Swedish and English
Age recommendation

A satirical beast fable that is happening now

This impactful opera is an experience unlike anything seen before at the Finnish National Opera. In an uprising on a farm, a group of animals overthrow their farmer’s tyrannical reign. Little by little, their new society begins to mirror human civilisation, and their original principles of equality are cast aside.

Alexander Raskatov’s (b. 1953) compelling music delves deep into the shadows of human nature. Animal Farm was first performed in Amsterdam in the spring of 2023, quickly earning acclaim from audiences and critics alike. In November 2023, it was awarded world premiere of the year at the International Opera Awards gala.

George Orwell’s (1903–1950) Animal Farm, written in 1945, is a poignant allegory for the evolution of the Russian Revolution into Stalin’s brutal regime. Tragically, Orwell’s critique still resonates in today’s world.

Animal Farm is a Co-Production and Co-Commission of Dutch National Opera, Wiener Staatsoper, Teatro Massimo Palermo and Finnish National Opera.

Animal Farm is raucous and jarring, dark and unsettling, brazen and virtuosic. It deserves
a life beyond this production, not least because its themes, sadly, show no signs of ageing.

– Financial Times

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Tired of their owner, Farmer Jones, the animals revolt and take over the farm. Initially, their society thrives, and they are filled with hope for a future with less labour, better education, and more abundant food. Problems emerge as the pigs, Napoleon and Snowball, fight for the hearts and minds of the other animals. Ultimately, the pigs’ revolutionary ideal of equality is reduced to just a slogan: ”All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

Full synopsis and other background information can be found in the programme leaflet.

creative team

Alexander Raskatov
Libretto after a novel by George Orwell
Alexander Raskatov, Ian Burton
Bassem Akiki
Luc Joosten
Damiano Michieletto
Paolo Fantin
Klaus Bruns
Lighting design
Alessandro Carletti
Thomas Wilhelm


Old Major
Koit Soasepp
Michael Gniffke
James Kryshak
Karl Laquit
Artem Krutko
Jeni Packalen
Iida Antola
Elena Vassilieva
Holly Flack
Karl Laquit
Mr. Jones
Mika Pohjonen
Mrs. Jones
Johanna Rusanen
Mr. Pilkington
Luke Terence Scott
Man of Mr. Jones
Tuomas Lehtinen
Man of Mr. Jones
Juha-Pekka Mitjonen
Man of Mr. Pilkington
Juha Pikkarainen
Man of Mr. Pilkington
Marko Nykänen
Man from veterinary car
Tuomas Lehtinen
Man from veterinary car
Juha Pikkarainen

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