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Total duration 1 h 10 min
3 performances
6.2.2019 – 9.2.2019
Almi Hall
Performed in english, french and german

How violence develops and where it can lead?

Musica nova Helsinki: Violences: Thomas Kellner

The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum, a novel by Heinrich Böll, is subtitled How Violence Develops and Where It Can Lead. This is exactly what Böll uses his protagonist find out. Katharina is by no means the only literary character created by a male author to tell the story of a voiceless Other. William Shakespeare’s Ophelia, along with countless later versions of her, is another vengeful victim silenced in life’s carnival.

Violences, on the contrary, is a performance that tells the female protagonist’s story without hijacking her voice, judging her, or allowing the age-old male show-off, Hamlet, to dominate the stage.

An evening of music theatre

Violences is a provocative world premiere that brings together two distinct works: Hans Werner Henze’s instrumental music to the film Katharina Blum and Juha T. Koskinen’s multilingual music theatre work Ophelia/Tiefsee, which is based on several literary representations of Ophelia. Directed by Aleksi Barrière and conducted by Clément Mao-Takacs, the performance by music theatre group La Chambre aux échos presents new ways to tell the stories that we usually keep quiet about.

Musica nova Helsinki: Violences

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Musica nova Helsinki: Violences: Clément Mao-Takacs; Vladimir Perčević

Two virtuosos in their field, actor Thomas Kellner and violist Vladimir Percevic are seen in the lead roles. The Orchestra of the FNO provides the multidimensional soundscape of the production and the choir at the centre of the tragedy.

Creative team

Musica nova Helsinki: Violences: Vladimir Perčević; Thomas Kellner

Music Juha T. Koskinen: Ophelia/Tiefsee, Hans Werner Henze: Katharina Blum
Director and librettist Aleksi Barrière
Lighting design Étienne Exbrayat

Conductor Clément Mao-Takacs
Viola Vladimir Percevic
Actor Thomas Kellner

Music theatre group La Chambre aux échos
The Orchestra of the FNO

Production La Chambre aux échos. A co-production with Radio France and the Secession Orchestra, supported by the Finnish Institute in France.

Juha T. Koskinen

”My Ophelia/Tiefsee mélologue was born in close co-operation with the dramaturge and director Aleksi Barrière. A commission from La Chambre aux échos to compose a fragment of the same name for the 2016 Novalis Festival in Croatia was an important landmark in its conception. This involved a video by Aleksi. The fragment, on the other hand, is based on my earlier work, Hamlet-machine for viola and a small orchestra, which was commissioned for the Musica nova Helsinki festival in 1999.

As you can tell by its name, this earlier work was inspired by Heiner Müller’s (1929-1995) play Hamletmachine. I came across the play in a Parisian bookshop in my student days, it was a French translation by Jean Jourdheul. I was mesmerised by its intense world and wanted to base an instrumental composition on it.”

– Composer Juha T. Koskinen


Performances & Tickets

1 h 10 min
3 performances
6.2.2019 – 9.2.2019
Almi Hall
Performed in english, french and german
Wed 6.2.2019
at 18:00
Fri 8.2.2019
at 18:00
Sat 9.2.2019
at 15:00

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