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Total duration 3 h
1 intermission (25 min)
10 performances
18.11.2016 – 30.12.2016
Main Stage
15-129 €
Performed in German
Tekstitys suomeksi, ruotsiksi ja englanniksi

An opera of love and self-sacrifice

Der fliegende Holländer, Richard Wagner’s first masterpiece, is the story of the Dutchman, a captain cursed to sail the seas of the world forever; he is only allowed to make landfall once every seven years. This curse can only be broken by the love of a faithful woman. Kasper Holten, one of the most celebrated stage directors of our time, brings a new interpretation to the FNO. In his production, an urban environment and the tempestuous world of the international art trade are underpinned by Wagner’s evocation of the power of love and the sea.


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Kasper Holten

A new perspective on a classic

“I want to know what the Dutchman has to say to us in particular,” says director Kasper Holten.

The Flying Dutchman

“I am doomed to the most dreadful of fates;
tenfold death would be my most heartfelt desire!
From this curse only a woman can liberate me,
a woman who would be faithful to me unto death.”


Seven years have passed once again, the Dutchman returns to the human world and meets Daland. Daland promises the Dutchman his daughter Senta in marriage, but Senta already has a beloved, Erik. Disappointed, the Dutchman sets sail again. At the last minute, Senta declares her loyalty to him and sacrifices herself.


Creative team

Richard Wagner
John Fiore
Kasper Holten
Philipp Fürhofer
Anja Vang Kragh
Lighting design
Jesper Kongshaug
Video design
Luke Halls
Signe Fabricius


David Danholt