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Total duration 2 h 15 min
1 intermission (30 min)
Main Stage
15-109 €
Age limit 5 years

Performances cancelled until 31 January 2021

We have had to cancel our performances of the Nutcracker until 6 February and a performance of Die Walküre 29 January 2021. 

We are looking into a replacement date for the premiere of Die Walküre 29 January and will announce any news as soon as possible.
We will contact customers who have bought tickets and/or refreshments for the cancelled performances.

The world’s strongest ballet!

Peppi Pitkätossu

Pippi Longstocking is a captivating and family-friendly ballet with a vivacious expression that entertains children and adults alike. The fun and affecting performance charms the audience with a combination of 1950s nostalgia, entertainment, speed and colour. It’s the perfect start to January and the new year.

Pippi Longstocking is a journey to the eccentric Villa Villekulla and the southern seas of the past. The characters on stage are familiar from Astrid Lindgren’s much-loved books: Tommy and Annika, Mr Nielsson, Little Old Man, and of course the world’s strongest girl. The story is easy to follow as a ballet, too. The well-known Pippi melodies featured in the score add yet another reason to smile.

Age limit 5 years.

The Pippi ballet is an audience favourite

“A wonderful, child-friendly ballet. The plot was easy to follow and interesting, and the sets and costumes were amazing. The scene at the bottom of the sea was fabulous!”

“Absolutely fantastic! I expected some kind of a ”dance theatre”, but the performance was a real ballet triumph! I recommend this to everyone!”

“The performance was a magnificent explosion of colour with beautiful dancing, full of lovely little details. The music, too, was truly fantastic!”

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Ballet is based on books by Astrid Lindgren.

Creative team

Pär Isberg
Choreography (street dance)
Karl Dyall
Georg Riedel
Stefan Nilsson
Set design
Bo-Ruben Hedwall
Ann-Mari Anttila
Lighting design
Torkel Blomkvist


Pippi Longstocking moves to Villa Villekulla, a wooden house in a small town, together with her monkey Mr Nielsson and her horse Little Old Man. She makes friends with the children who live next door, Tommy and Annika. Pippi invites Tommy and Annika to Villa Villekulla and makes them pancakes. After their departure Pippi goes to bed. The burglars Thunder-Karlsson and Bloom break into the house, having heard that Pippi has a bag of gold coins. Pippi, however, catches the burglars and forces them to learn dance moves before she lets them go.

When Annika’s mother invites the local ladies for an afternoon coffee, Pippi joins in. With no idea how to behave at such occasions, she causes chaos. During a treasure hunt with Tommy and Annika, she picks up the arm of a mannequin, which makes a wonderful dance partner. The children also meet Miss Bannister who, together with policemen Kling and Klang, attempts to force Pippi to go to school.

School is not for Pippi, however. Instead, she dreams of seeing her father, Efraim, a king in the South Seas. Tommy and Annika are unhappy to hear about Pippi’s plan to travel to the South Seas to meet her father, but their parents promise they can join in on the adventure.

On their way on a ship, the children dive into the sea to explore the exciting underwater world. As they arrive on the island of the South Seas, the locals perform a welcome dance for the guests. Mr. Nielsson gets to meet other monkeys. Thieves try to steal the pearls the children have collected from the sea, but Pippi banishes them with ease. King Efraim organises a party in honour of his daughter. Tommy and Annika feel homesickness and it’s time for the trip to come to an end. The children return to the small town, which has been covered in snow in their absence.

You can read the full synopsis and other background information in the programme leaflet.

From street dance to pointe shoes

Peppi Pitkätossu baletti

“My first question was whether Pippi can dance classical ballet – and the answer was no. Classical ballet follows formal rules, and Pippi is a rebel. She must move freely through different dance forms.”

– Choreographer Pär Isberg

Fans' verdict

Fans review Pippi Longstocking

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”The best thing is that Pippi can dance differently and doesn’t follow the rules.”

Peppi Pitkätossu

Familiar tunes from television

The music of the ballet has been composed by Stefan Nilsson and Georg Riedel. Riedel had already garnered fame as a Pippi composer, as he took over the famous television series and films in 1968 after the demise of Jan Johansson. He also composed music for the children’s television productions of Emil of Lönneberga and The Children of Noisy Village. The ballet includes several excerpts of popular tunes from the Pippi television series.

Peppi Pitkätossu

The Swedish team behind Pippi

The visual aspect of the ballet, which stays true to the original story, has been designed by a team of Swedish professionals. During her career spanning nearly 50 years, costume designer Ann-Mari Anttila from Northern Sweden has created costumes for not only opera and ballet but also for productions of the Swedish Television SVT. Set designer Bo-Ruben Hedwall and choreographer Pär Isberg have collaborated extensively on both television and theatre productions. In addition to this, Hedwall has designed exhibitions for major museums such as the Nordic Museum, Vasa Museum and Dansmuseet – Museum of Dance and Movement in Stockholm. Torkel Blomkvist has designed the lighting for several Swedish opera and theatre productions.

The copyright of Astrid Lindgren’s works in the production of derivative works in Finland is managed by Nordic Drama Corner.

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