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Total duration 2 h 50 min
2 intermissions (25 min)
7 performances
18.1.2020 – 7.2.2020
Main Stage
15-109 €
Bajadeeri; Eun-Ji Ha, Jun Xia

A divinely beautiful love story

Nikiya is a temple dancer or bayadere who is in love with a warrior named Solor. He, however, ends up in an arranged marriage with the lovely Princess Gamzatti. She sees Nikiya as a threat, so Nikiya must die. But the wedding of Solor and Gamzatti ends in disaster, as the enraged gods intervene.

Solor’s hallucination of the dead Nikiya is hypnotically beautiful. It is worth seeing this ballet for this one scene, which is often performed as a separate number.

Recommended for children over the age of 7. 

Bajadeeri; Hanako Matsune

Travel back in time to fairy tale India

La Bayadère, one of the most splendid ballets of the 19th century, glorified the exotic Orient at a time when foreign travel was only available to the privileged few. The world renowned ballerina and choreographer Natalia Makarova’s production, which honours the original choreography, is the first version of La Bayadère to be seen in the Western world. Pier Luigi Samaritani’s magnificent sets and Anna Kontek’s opulent costumes carry the audience into a world of fairy tales – just like at the Imperial Ballet of St. Petersburg back in 1877.

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“Elegantly simple and purely geometrical, the Kingdom of the Shades reveals the wonderful mastery of the young Petipa. This scene is especially difficult for the corps de ballet, because every move must be executed in precise unison.”

– Natalia Makarova, choreographer


Solor, a warrior, asks Magdaveya the head fakir to set up a meeting with Nikiya, a temple dancer or bayadère. Nikiya’s beauty has also dazzled the High Brahmin, who confesses his love to Nikiya. She rejects him, because he is a man of God. The Brahmin is deeply hurt by Nikiya’s rejection.

Magdaveya conveys Solor’s message to Nikiya, and she agrees to meet him. The High Brahmin grows suspicious when he sees Nikiya with Magdaveya. Nikiya and Solor meet in the woods and pledge eternal love to one another. Infuriated, the High Brahmin invokes the gods to help him kill Solor.

The Rajah announces that he will reward Solor for his valour by giving him the hand of the Rajah’s daughter, Gamzatti, in marriage. Solor is unable to resist Gamzatti’s charms and the Rajah’s wishes despite having pledged his eternal love to Nikiya. The High Brahmin informs the Rajah of Nikiya and Solor’s love with hopes that the Rajah would have Solor put to death. The Rajah, however, decides that it is Nikiya who must die. Gamzatti overhears the conversation and attempts to bribe Nikiya to leave Solor. Nikiya refuses and in desperation attempts to stab the Princess. Gamzatti now agrees with her father: Nikiya must die.

A betrothal party is arranged for Gamzatti and Solor. The High Brahmin brings Nikiya to dance at the ceremony. Unable to accept the engagement, Nikiya expresses her sorrow in her dance. Nikiya receives a basket of flowers that she is told is from Solor. Actually, the basket was sent by the Rajah and Gamzatti, and hidden among the flowers is a venomous snake. The snake bites Nikiya. The High Brahmin offers her an antidote to the venom, but just as she is about to drink it, she sees the Rajah and Gamzatti lead Solor away. Nikiya chooses death.

Despondent and depressed by Nikiya’s death, Solor smokes opium and sees the dead Nikiya in a hallucination. She is in the Kingdom of the Shades, and her vision is multiplied by the corps de ballet. Solor reminisces about her dance of love by the sacred fire. As Solor prepares for his wedding to Gamzatti, the vision of Nikiya continues to confuse him.

A bronze idol dances in the shadow of the Great Buddha as the High Brahmin and other priests prepare for the wedding of Gamzatti and Solor. The bride and groom enter, but Solor is still haunted by Nikiya. A basket of flowers identical to the one given to Nikiya mysteriously appears, and Gamzatti, terrified and consumed by guilt, urges her father to complete the marriage ceremony. Solor is unable to pronounce the wedding vows. The enraged gods destroy the entire temple, burying everyone in it. Eternal love brings the spirits of Solor and Nikiya together.


Creative team

Choreography (after petipa)
Natalia Makarova
Ludvig Minkus
Music orchestrated by
John Lanchbery
Pier Luigi Samaritani
Anna Kontek
Lighting design
John B. Read


High brahmin
Nicholas Ziegler
Jani Talo
Bronze idol
Mariusz Morawski
Soli shade
Valeria Quintana

Performances & Tickets

2 h 50 min
2 intermissions (25 min)
7 performances
18.1.2020 – 7.2.2020
Main Stage
15-109 €
Sat 18.1.2020
at 19:00
Thu 23.1.2020
at 19:00
Sat 25.1.2020
at 14:00
Thu 30.1.2020
at 19:00
Sat 1.2.2020
at 19:00
Wed 5.2.2020
at 19:00
Fri 7.2.2020
at 19:00

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