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Total duration 2 h 35 min
1 intermission (30 min)
Main Stage
15-129 €

Performances in spring 2021 cancelled

The Finnish National Opera and Ballet performances in spring 2021 have been cancelled.
The performances of Swan Lake and of Cavalleria rusticana & I Pagliacci have been postponed to the 2021/2022 season. RING returns in August 2022. The repertoire for the 2021/2022 season will be announced on 28 April.
We will contact customers who have bought tickets and/or refreshments for the cancelled performances.

A tale of a dark mind and shady streets

Edward Hyde, a mysterious villain, is wreaking havoc in London, leaving hatred, fear and disgust in his wake. At the same time the respected doctor Henry Jekyll is conducting experiments in his laboratory to change human character and personality. The connection between Jekyll and Hyde is stranger than anyone could ever imagine.

The case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a story about the deep contradictions of the human psyche and its capacity for both good and evil. Now these two iconic characters spring from the classic novel form the basis of a full-length ballet by choreographer Val Caniparoli. The ballet, set in Victorian England, travels from the misty streets of London to the horrors of a mental hospital to the elegance of high society

Jekyll & Hyde will see its world premiere at the Finnish National Ballet in 06/11/2020.

We recommend the performances to visitors over the age of 10.

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“The ballet will ask us to imagine the psychology of a hunted man whose dark secret keeps erupting as he searches for truth in his life.”

– Val Caniparoli

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For safety reasons, music requiring a large orchestra is played as a recording performed by the Finnish National Opera Orchestra.

Creative team

Val Caniparoli
Frédéric Chopin
Krzysztof Penderecki
Henryk Górecki
Wojciech Kilar
Henryk Wieniawski
Sets, costumes
David Israel Reynoso
Lighting design
Jim French




The writer Robert Louis Stevenson is lying feverishly in bed at night, hallucinating. He begins to imagine the tale of a good doctor who turns into his evil twin.

Dr. Jekyll is trying to demonstrate the idea of dual personality to a group of wealthy donors in a mental asylum. Failing to convince the crowd of the efficacy of his ideas, Jekyll returns to the privacy of his own laboratory for further experimentation, frenetically pursuing his goal of unearthing the hidden underbelly of the human experience. He drinks a potion and feels a premonition of Mr. Hyde, the repressed force of evil whom Jekyll is trying to unleash. To resist the pull of Mr. Hyde, Dr. Jekyll attends a party at Sir Danvers Carew, whose daughter Nellie he is engaged to. As the party draws to a close, the gentlemen guests decide to finish the evening at Deacon Brodie’s Tavern, an underworld den of prostitutes, lowlifes, and drugs. Jekyll begins to shed his proper demeanor and come alive, as we sense his “other self” emerging. Propelled back out onto the city streets, Jekyll begins to transform before our eyes. The effects are immediate and startling: nightmare versions of characters we have already encountered begin to appear. At the climax of Jekyll’s hallucination, Mr. Hyde emerges triumphantly from the shadows.

In an elegant ballroom, Sir Danvers Carew is giving a party. Mr. Hyde appears, engaging provocatively with the guests. Fearing that the effects of the potion are about to wear off, Hyde escapes back to the streets, where he collides with a small child. In his rage and panic, Hyde beats the child to death with his cane. Back at his lab, Hyde struggles to resist returning to the body and mind of Dr. Jekyll. The terrifying figures of hallucination return.

Dr. Jekyll, isolating himself from the public eye and frightened about where his “research” is taking him, returns to his experiments in the lab. Friends and colleagues come to visit but Jekyll resists seeing them. Finally at Dr. Lanyon’s insistence, Jekyll consumes the dangerous potion in front of them, transforming into the raging Mr. Hyde. Violence and destruction ensue as Hyde attacks his former friends and destroys Dr. Lanyon, Sir Danvers Carew, and Rowena, a prostitute at the tavern. When Nellie Carew goes to Dr. Jekyll’s house out of concern for the doctor she has loved, her encounter becomes more and more violent until Hyde tells her to “RUN!” and she escapes. In the empty lab, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde battle with each other for dominance and survival. Stevenson reappears, and all of this has been happening in his feverish imagination. The world of the mental hospital returns, as Stevenson realizes that in writing the story of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, he has unleashed a monster into the world, the dark side of all of our better selves.

Hyde kulkee pimeässä kaupungissa

A Classic Gothic Suspense Novel

The Scottish novelist Robert Louis Stevenson wrote his classic story The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in 1886. The novel, which shocked Victorian readers with its unusually deep forays into the human soul, had such impact that the phrase “Jekyll and Hyde” has become a standard reference to the polarities within the human character.

At the time of writing, Stevenson suffered from lung haemorrhages and took hallucinogenic drugs to alleviate his pain. He completed his nightmarish novella in his sickbed in a matter of days. Stevenson’s illness and the suffering it caused are profoundly embedded in the story of this new ballet.

Like the Victorian era, the story of Jekyll and Hyde is layered with multiple secrets, including promiscuity and homosexuality, which were rarely addressed openly in that morally conservative culture. These hidden longings will help inform the choreography of this world premiere.

Val Caniparoli

Choreography by Val Caniparoli

Val Caniparoli is a highly renowned choreographer from the United States. He is most closely associated with San Francisco Ballet, where he has worked 46 years, and also served as resident choreographer. His productions have been performed by more than 50 ballet companies, for example The Metropolitan Opera, San Francisco Opera, Chicago Lyric Opera, San Francisco Symphony and American Conservatory Theater and internationally in South Africa, Singapore, Scotland and Hong Kong, among others. His choreography has also been seen at the Finnish National Ballet in 2017 in Lady of the Camellias.

Read more: Val Caniparoli’s homepage 

Photo by Chris Hardy

Music drawn to 20th century masterworks

The score for Jekyll & Hyde is drawn from the powerful works of composers Krzysztof Penderecki, Henryk Gorecki, and Wozjciech Kilar with interpolations by Henryk Wieniawski and Frédéric Chopin.

The musical framework supports the storyline and choreography in its contrast between good and evil with its usage of intimate chamber works and massive orchestral walls of sound.

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