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Total duration 45 min
On the road
External venue
Performed in Swedish

First Swedish-language school opera

Cecilia Damström: Djurens planet

Opera with professionals

The school opera Djurens planet (Animal Planet) is a production created jointly by pupils in lower-level comprehensive school and opera professionals. Djurens planet is the first ever Swedish-language school opera of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, made with financial support by Swedish-speaking foundations.

From autumn 2019, the students of Swedish-speaking schools can participate in projects all around Finland.

Cecilia Damström: Djurens planet

Djurens planet is about the relationship between humans and animals. The planet belongs to both, and we all have the right to live here – but where do our rights end and the rights of animals begin?


#djurensplanet #schoolopera

Cecilia Damström: Djurens planet

The FNOB has been producing school operas for 17 years. More than 20,000 schoolchildren from around 300 schools all over Finland have gained first-hand experience of staging and performing an opera.

Creative team

Cecilia Damström
Monica Vikström-Jokela
Martina Roos
Sets, costumes
Anna Kontek
Lighting design
Vesa Pohjolainen


Guest soloist
Hedvig Paulig
Guest soloist
Katariina Heikkilä