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Swan Lake

Sat 29.1. 14:00

The new Swan Lake shines with Nordic light.

Swan Lake opens the Finnish National Ballet’s centenary celebrations. The world’s most famous ballet combines Tchaikovsky’s magnificent music with a visual world of iconic beauty. Now, the Finnish National Ballet will present a brand-new version by David MacAllister, which has been adapted for a Finnish audience yet stays true to the original.

Watch the live stream on Saturday 29 January at 2 pm EET. The live stream is produced by the Finnish broadcasting company Yle in cooperation with the Finnish National Opera and Ballet. The recording of the live stream will be available worldwide for 6 months on Stage24 starting from Sunday 30 January 2022.

Dancers Nina Hyvärinen, Aku Ahjolinna and Saga Eriksson, cultural researcher Liisa Kaski, costume researcher Joanna Weckmann and Mikael Aaltonen, Program Manager at Dance House Helsinki, discuss the performance among others. Journalists Liisa Vihmanen and Janne Palkisto host the conversation. The discussion is held in Finnish.

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