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Cookies are small text files, which are installed on a user’s device by a website, an application, or a clicked advertisement. We use cookies and related analytics tools to better understand our users’ needs and to improve the user experience of our website. We also use cookies to save your settings and to communicate to you about your areas of interest.

The information collected via cookies is also used for targeted advertising based on the user’s interests. Cookie-based targeted advertising does not collect information that personally identifies the user, nor is the information we collect associated with any personal details provided in another instance.

Cookies may be used to collect information such as the website you previously visited, which pages you have visited on our website and when, the duration of your visit, the way you navigate on our website, your browser and operating system, the resolution of your display, the IP address of your device, your language preference, and your country.

You have the opportunity to choose which cookies you accept. You can modify your cookie preferences from the Cookie Settings link at the footer of our website. You can also change your browser settings to disable cookies. However, disabling cookies may affect website functionalities.


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