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Do you need a Culture Companion?

Would you like to see an opera or ballet but can’t think of anyone to go with? Visit our rehearsals with a Culture Companion!

Culture Companions are available free of charge. Culture Companions operate in Helsinki and Espoo; in Vantaa, they are called Culture Pilots.

Dress Rehearsals in season 2021–2022

The Helsinki, Espoo  and Vantaa Culture Companions should enrol via our finnish pages. All the Culture Companions can enquire about seat availability via their respective Culture Companion services.

Season 2021–2022

Enrolment in dress rehearsals in the autumn starts on 13 November 2021

Wed 8 December at 11 a.m. La Traviata (duration 2 H 35 MIN, 1 interval) Recommended for people over 9 years of age.

Would you like to have a Culture Companion in Helsinki?

Do this:

  1. Phone (09) 310 58237 (Mon to Thu, 10.00–13.00)
  2. Give the time of the rehearsal you would like to attend.
  3. Your Companion will phone you to agree when and where to meet.
    Have a nice cultural outing!

The Culture Companion work, organised by city of Helsinki, aims to support those who don’t want to participate in cultural events alone or who find it difficult. A voluntary Culture Companion trained by the city will accompany you to a cultural event, book tickets and, if necessary, help you travel to and from the venue.

Would you like to have a Culture Companion in Espoo?

Do this:

  1. Contact our Culture Companion coordinator by e-mail at kulttuurikaveri[at]
  2. The Culture Companion will contact you to agree when and where to meet.

Travel is principally by public transport, using your own ticket(s).

Would you like to have a Culture Pilot in Vantaa?

Do this:

  1. Contact the Culture Pilot coordinator at tel. 043 826 9011 or kulttuuriluotsit[at]
  2. Say which event you would like to go to.
  3. The Culture Pilot coordinator will ask you for your contact details and pass them on to the Culture Pilot.
  4. The Culture Pilot will contact you to agree where to go, then book the tickets and agree where to meet.


Further information on Culture Buddies at the FNOB: malla.vanhanen[at]