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verkkokauppa_piktogrammi_musta becomes an online store

The new Finnish National Opera and Ballet online store is a virtual treasure trove, where you’ll find everything from tickets to interval refreshments and gift vouchers for your loved ones. You can surf our site seamlessly with shopping basket in tow. In the near future, you’ll also find the wonderful souvenir selection of the Opera Shop in the online store.

Kausi 2018-2019 on julkaistu

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A short shopping guide

How to buy opera and ballet tickets in the new online store:

  1. Explore the repertoire and pick the performance you want to see.
  2. You’ll find the performance schedule for each production on its dedicated web page under “Performances and tickets”.
  3. Click on ”Buy tickets” to choose your seat and ticket type.
  4. Choose your seat(s) by clicking on the seating plan or by using the automatic selection of the best available seat(s).
  5. If you want, you can still remove tickets from your shopping basket at this stage.
  6. Sign in. You can create an account for our online store here.
  7. Choose your delivery and payment methods.
  8. Confirm your purchase. If you want your tickets emailed to you again, please view your account.