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At the Finnish National Opera and Ballet during this season: The Nutcracker and the Mouse King: Liisa, Clara's older sister (Wayne Eagling, Toer Van Schayk – Pyotr Tchaikovsky), Sleeping Beauty: Volante, the Fairy of Courage (Javier Torres – Pyotr Tchaikovsky)


Conservatoire in Turku, under Mirja-Liisa Herhi 1994-95.
Ballet School of the Finnish National Opera.
Several courses.


Finnish National Ballet 1996-, Étoile 2009-

On stage

Thu 2.12.2021
at 19:00
only few left
Thu 2.12.2021 cast
Wed 15.12.2021
at 11:00
sold out
Wed 15.12.2021 cast
Wed 22.12.2021
at 19:00
only few left
Wed 22.12.2021 cast
Wed 5.1.2022
at 19:00
on sale
Wed 5.1.2022 cast
Fri 14.1.2022
at 19:00
on sale
Fri 14.1.2022 cast