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Hannu Lintu appointed as Chief Conductor of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet

Hannu Lintu has been appointed Chief Conductor of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet. The Board of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet Foundation decided upon the appointment at its meeting on the evening of Wednesday 8 May. The Board invited the personnel groups of the Opera and Ballet to share their views before the final decision, and their statements were positive. Lintu will start in his new role in January 2022.

The 4.5-year tenure of the new Chief Conductor of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet will start on 1 January, 2022 and end on 30 June, 2026. In addition to conducting productions and concerts, the key tasks of the Chief Conductor will include further development of the orchestra and chorus in co-operation with the choir masters.

“Opera has always been an important source of inspiration to me. That’s why, after many years in the symphonic field, it’s so exciting for me to be able to focus on one of the greatest and most challenging artistic achievements: the symbiosis of music, words and the stage. The fact that I have a chance to do it at the Finnish National Opera and Ballet makes this particularly wonderful. It’s a house where I feel surrounded by friends and where professional skills and burning passion come together to make art for the sake of both music and the audience,” Hannu Lintu says.

Hannu Lintu has been Chief Conductor of the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra since 2013. The results of this partnership, which has been immensely successful both in Finland and internationally, include several award-winning recordings. Lintu regularly performs as a visiting conductor with leading orchestras. In the upcoming season, he will conduct, for example, Orchestre de Paris, the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic, the Montreal, Boston and Chicago Symphony Orchestras, as well as orchestras in Singapore and Tokyo.

Lintu has also conducted both the canonical works of opera literature and Finnish contemporary opera at the Finnish National Opera and Ballet and Savonlinna Opera Festival, most recently Wozzeck at the Finnish National Opera.

In its reasoning, the Board describes Lintu as a notable Finnish conductor who, at this point in his career, wants to shift the focus of his artistic work towards the field of opera. As Chief Conductor of the Radio Symphony Orchestra, he has successfully developed the sound of the orchestra, and he is eager to use this expertise at the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, too. While conducting operas, he has proven his ability to control the large scale productions of opera, as well as excel in visionary interpretation. Having Lintu, a high profile artist in the Finnish music scene, as an advocate, supporter and advisor will also be an important asset for the Finnish National Opera and Ballet.

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