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Impress your stakeholders with the charm of the Opera House

The Opera House is an excellent venue for a variety of events. Give your function the lustre it deserves in this magical setting. Offer your stakeholders a night of enchantment by adding on a ballet or opera performance. The repertoire of the FNOB contains something for everyone and every occasion, unforgettable experiences to share with your customers or personnel. This year, we are celebrating the centenary of Finland’s independence with some of Finland’s top names. Read more about repertoire 2017-2018

Planning together

At the Opera House you can have a seminar, a meeting, a small reception, a grand party or maybe a fashion show.

Get in touch and we’ll talk some more:

Marjo Nuortimo
Service Development, Corporations and Organisations
050 532 9208


Interested in partnership?

There are enchanting opportunities available for partners of the FNOB.

Corporate functions at the Opera House

See the Opera House

Catering from the Opera Restaurant

The Opera House has facilities of many shapes and sizes, and the Opera Restaurant can provide a wide range of culinary treats.

The main foyer can accommodate a buffet service for up to 1,350 guests. A sit-down banquet may also be organised for a relatively large group, 350 to 800 guests.

The Almi Hall foyer is suitable for a variety of events. Although smaller, even this space allows for catering for up to 450 guests.

But an event does not need to be large to be successful; parts of a foyer can be cordoned off and rented for holding smaller, more intimate gatherings.

Get in touch:

Kanresta Oopperaravintolat sales service

+358 9 4030 2377 Mon to Fri 09.100–11.00 and 12.00–16.00


Table maps of the main foyer, the balcony foyer and the Almi Hall foyer are available here.

Floor plans of spaces available for renting