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Romeo and Juliet

2 h 23 min 3.10.2016 532 views

Recording of an international live webcast from the Finnish National Ballet Sat 3rd Sep, 2016.

Choreography: Natália Horečná
Music: Sergei Prokofjev
Conductor: Pietro Rizzo
Set design, costumes: Christiane Devos
Cast: Romeo Ilja Bolotov, Juliet Linda Haakana, Juliet’s mother Ira Lindahl, Tybalt Samuli Poutanen, Mercutio Antti Keinänen, Prince of Verona Gabriel Davidsson, Friar Lorenzo Thibault Monnier, Spirits Tiina Myllymäki, Sergei Popov, Anna Konkari and Michal Krčmář.

Finnish National Opera orchestra

Co-production with Finnish National Opera and Ballet and Slovak National Theatre.

The duration of the recording 2 hours 5 minutes. Before performance and during the intermission journalist Sami Sykkö discusses with dancers Jani Talo and Jaana Puupponen and writer Marianna Stolbow about the themes of the ballet. The discussion is in Finnish.

Production by HSTV 2016.


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