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Customer register of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet – Privacy statement

1. Controller of the data file

Name: Finnish National Opera and Ballet
Business identity code: 01169369
Mailing address: Helsinginkatu 58, PL 176, 00251 Helsinki

2. Individual in charge of personal file

Name: Marketing and Sales Manager Joonas Holtari
Mailing address: Helsinginkatu 58, PL 176, 00251 Helsinki
Telephone: (09) 4030 2310

Notices of change of address:

3. Name of the data file

Customer register of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet

4. Purpose of processing personal data

Personal data may be processed for the purpose of managing, administering, developing and analysing customer relationships in the context of various channels and targeted services, communications, marketing, surveys, compilation of statistics and other equivalent activities as well as for verification and data security purposes.

The processing of personal data is based on section 8 of the Personal Data Act (consented to or ordered by an individual, or based on a relevant connection between the individual and the operations of an organisation where the individual is registered as a client or member).

Customers’ personal data may be processed for the following purposes:

  •     Management and development of the customer relationship
  •     Marketing
  •     Implementation of services
  •     Verification of customer events
  •     Development of customer service and business operations
  •     Analysis and compilation of statistics
  •     Opinion polls and market surveys
  •     Other equivalent purposes

5.  Data content of the register

The personal data file may contain the following information:

  •     Customer’s contact details, such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address
  •     Interests and other equivalent information reported by the customer
  •     Customer’s age, gender, title or occupation, mother tongue
  •     Information on the customer relationship, such as ticket ordering data, customer feedback and contacts, and replies to customer queries
  •     Information related to communications and use of services, such as browsing data
  •     Registration data, such as User ID, screen-name, password and other potential identifier
  •     Data on communications and use of services and access to content in the context of various sites, services and channels including user-generate content as well as the necessary browsing, identifier and technical information such as voice recordings, cookies and other relevant data
  •     Any permits and consents
  •     Any denial-of-service data, and
  •     Any other data collected with the customer’s consent.

6. Regular sources of data

Customer-related information is regularly received:

  •     From the customer him/herself via websites, by e-mail, phone, the customer service outlet or other similar sources
  •     By means of cookies or other equivalent technologies
  •     From ticket agencies and other equivalent services accessed by the customer.

Additionally, information available from the Population Register Centre, Suomen Asiakastieto Oy and other trusted partners may be used for updating existing customer data.

7. Regular disclosures and transfer of personal data to outside the European Union or EEA

No data will be disclosed or transferred to parties outside the Finnish National Opera and Ballet. No data will be disclosed or transferred to parties outside the EU or the European Economic Area.

8. The data subject’s rights

Right to verify and forbid the use of the data

The data subject has the right to check his/her own information stored in the data file. The request to verify data must be signed and submitted in writing to the address indicated in section 1.

If the data in the register contains errors, the data subject may file a request with the data controller identified in section 2 to correct the error(s).

Right to prohibit processing

A data subject has the right to prohibit the controller to process personal data for the purposes of direct advertising, distance selling, other direct marketing, market research and opinion polls.

Inquiries concerning prohibitions and rectification may be made to the customer by phone or mail at the address indicated in section 1.

9. File protection policy

Manually processed data

Documents containing personal data for manual processing purposes will be duly destroyed after processing.

Data stored in electronic format

Access to the system containing customer data is limited to the employees entitled to process such data in the course of their work duties. Each user has a unique user ID and password to access the system. The data is saved in databases protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical means.