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The management team of the FNOB comprises General Director Gita Kadambi; Lilli Paasikivi, Artistic Director of the Opera; Kenneth Greve, Artistic Director of the Ballet; Liisa Riekki, Communications Director; and Timo Tuovila, Production and Technical Director.

Gita Kadambi

General Director Gita Kadambi

Assistant to General Director Carina Rosenlöf-Hydén,
tel. (09) 4030 2201

Lilli Paasikivi

Artistic Director of the Opera Lilli Paasikivi

Assistant to Artistic Direction of the Opera Katja Tammela,
tel. (09) 4030 2601

Auditions for Finnish National Opera Chorus and Orchestra

Kenneth Greve

Artistic Director of the Ballet Kenneth Greve

Assistant to Artistic Director of the Ballet Liisa Härö,
tel. (09) 4030 2401

Dancer auditions for the Finnish National Ballet

Liisa Riekki

Communications Director Liisa Riekki

Communications Assistant Riina Kivijärvi
p. (09) 4030 2329

Timo Tuovila

Production and Technical Director Timo Tuovila

Assistant to Production and Technical Director Merja Nissinen,
tel. (09) 4030 2501