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The Finnish National Opera and Finnish National Ballet are national arts institutions, offering opera and ballet performances and other events to Finns of all ages. Guest performances, school operas, TV broadcasts and streaming bring the FNO to everyone all over the country.

In terms of personnel, the FNO is a medium-sized opera and ballet company. There are about 530 permanent employees. The Orchestra has 111 members, the Chorus has 50 singers, and the Ballet has 78 dancers. Finnish and foreign guest performers appear alongside the FNO’s own soloists. The FNO also employs experts from a wide range of crafts specialities, from shoemakers to metalworkers.

The FNO generally stages four new opera productions and three new ballet productions each year. Added to these are revivals of old productions, resulting in a programme that is different every week and may include dozens of productions in the course of the year. The FNO performs both established classics and contemporary opera and dance works, especially new Finnish works.

The FNO is the only professional opera company in Finland. It traces its history back to 1911; the Ballet was founded in 1922. The company occupied the tiny Alexander Theatre for decades until the purpose-built Opera House was finally inaugurated in 1993. The main auditorium seats more than 1,300, and there is a studio stage too. The foyers are also used for small-scale performances and free public events.


Indigo premiered on 22 January and viewable worldwide on 30 January 2016

A brand new Finnish opera, Indigo, will be premiered on Friday 22 January 2016.

Come see opera and ballet online

The new online service of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet,, is now open.

Phantom of the Opera goes to Gothenburg

The FNO’s smash hit production Phantom of the Opera will be travelling to the Gothenburg Opera being scheduled to be premiered in autumn 2017.
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FNO personnel

The Finnish National Opera is an employer on a significant scale: opera and ballet can only be created through the combined efforts of a great number of people. The FNO has 526 permanent employees: 111 orchestra members, 50 chorus members, 17 soloists, 73 ballet dancers, 53 employees in other artistic duties and production, 168 employees in technical duties and workshops and 42 administrators. FNO personnel are an international crowd, with 27 different nationalities. In addition to permanent personnel, the FNO has some 900 guest employees in various fields each year.

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A century of grand emotions

The company that evolved into the FNO was established in 1911; the associated ballet company was established in 1922. Housed in the tiny Alexander Theatre, the Opera and Ballet lived through Finland’s independence struggle, shortages, wars, reconstruction and the emergence of the welfare society. Celebrated singers and dancers made guest appearances, and Finnish opera and ballet expertise was exported. The new Opera House was completed in 1993, after decades of waiting. The FNO has been the home of grand emotions for more than a century – on stage and sometimes offstage.

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Secrets of the Opera virtuaalikierros

Secrets of the Opera

Human stories from the National Opera and Ballet.

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The Opera Platform

The largest opera house in Europe has been opened – in your home. The FNO is a member of a service jointly created by 15 major European opera houses and the Arte cultural channel to bring you a rich programme of live performances for free. Enjoy!

Opera broadcasts into your living room